Outcome Campus Connect (OCC) Partners with Riipen, Deploying Industry-focused Experiential Learning Projects to all University & College Students in Canada

OCC is poised for rapid growth through innovative partnerships with leaders in WIL nationwide

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, October 7 th 2020 – Outcome Campus Connect is Canada's skill development and job opportunity network built to give every one of our nation's university and college students at least one work-integrated learning experience before graduation. The network is excited to announce a partnership with Riipen, that gives all university and college students, Canada-wide, direct and remote access to industry-focused experiential learning projects beginning this fall. This is the first of many partnerships planned, poising the network for rapid growth through the empowerment of the next generation of leadership. 

Partners of OCC, like Riipen, reach post-secondary students and recent graduate talent across the country, regardless of region, with ground-breaking specificity and the click of a button. Opportunities get to students from specific fields of study and post-secondary institutions – putting the right opportunities in front of the right students, every time. Through innovative partnerships like this, OCC will rapidly deploy high-quality work-integrated learning opportunities to all university and college students or recent graduates across the country–remotely, and when they need it most.  

 "OCC binds leadership in government, industry, business, post-secondary institutions, and WIL delivery, creating a network of solidarity and support for student and recent graduate talent," says Natalie Nitsopoulos, Director of Outcome Campus Connect, at Orbis. "By working with Magnet, of Ryerson University, and opening up the network to partners, like Riipen, we continue to grow and expand opportunities available to empower students and recent graduates nationally," she concluded. 

 "We believe that the future of technology is integrated and couldn't be more excited to see forward-thinking partners like OCC opening up their platforms to improve the experience for all higher education institutions and their students," said Dana Stephenson, CEO of Riipen "We are all interested in how we can best service students and this is the first step in a partnership that will enable us to impact millions of students and their ease of access to meaningful work-integrated learning."  

About Outcome Campus Connect (OCC)

OCC offers employers and partners a direct connection to the post-secondary student talent that will shape tomorrow while empowering tomorrow's leaders with the skills, experience, and opportunities critical for their long-term livelihood. OCC is a partnership between Orbis and Magnet and currently partnered with 100+ campuses. The network is available to all post-secondary students online, nationally, and for free. 

About Orbis  

Orbis enables leading higher learning institutions to support their students' long-term livelihood through direct delivery of relevant experiential learning, skill development, and job opportunities. For two decades, our team has worked closely and collaboratively with campus partners, offering configurable technology solutions and yielding data-driven insights critical to preparing tomorrow's leaders with the skills, experience, and connections fundamental to achievement. With Orbis, you meet students exactly where they are today, with exactly what they need for success tomorrow. Together, we’re working within the higher learning community toward a future of fulfilled potential for every post-secondary graduate and our global community. To date, Orbis and our post-secondary partners have positively shaped outcomes for over 1,000,000 post-secondary students and graduates. 

About Riipen 

Riipen is enabling transformative opportunities for companies to collaborate with post-secondary students on real-time, real-world challenges that are embedded directly into coursework. To date, Riipen has enabled over 50,000 students at 200+ post-secondary institutions to partake in 2.0 million hours of applied learning with over 5,000 companies. Riipen's mission is to help students of all backgrounds and geographies boost their skills, gain career clarity, network with potential employers, and find jobs they love. 

To learn more about Riipen and how you can engage with work-integrated experiential learning, please connect with the team or visit their website. 

About Magnet 

Magnet is a digital social innovation platform, founded at Ryerson University. Through the Magnet Network, our mission is to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada by advancing careers, businesses, and communities. 

The Magnet Network includes all relevant stakeholders involved in fostering economic growth and opportunity, including community partners, employers, post-secondary job boards, and job seekers across Canada. Magnet's intelligent job matching technology connects job seekers to opportunities and helps businesses find relevant and timely growth opportunities. 

Magnet provides the digital infrastructure for Canada's new Future Skills Centre, a forward-thinking research centre with a focus on how to best prepare Canadians today for workforce opportunities of the future.  

For more information on our partnership and initiatives, please visit: Magnet.today 

If you are a post-secondary interested in partnering with OCC, contact Natalie Nitsopoulos, nnitsopoulos@orbiscommunications.com.  

For media inquiries, connect with Zoë Mills, zmillsblakeley@orbiscommunications.com